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I have a complex workflow, written in VS2010 (not sharepoint designer) for Sharepoint 2010.

Is there a document somewhere (MS?), with the recommended steps, to deploy an updated workflow, without cancelling the existing running instances of the workflow?

I can easily deploy the new workflow, however, the problem is that, I do not want to kill the existing instances of the running workflow (which is what happens by default when you deploy the workflow).

Through trial and error, I have a long list of what I think I need to do, but I really would like some confirmation.

I also need to use the new Package capability to deploy the workflow, since VS.NET will NOT be installed upon the sharepoint production server.


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I had struggled myself with this in the past (2007 times) but couldn't find an elegant way out except completing the workflows.

Could this give you pointers - SharePoint Workflow Versioning with VS 2010

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Just saw your reply. Thanks a bunch! Looks like most of those steps are the ones I take. –  dave wanta Dec 6 '11 at 22:50

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