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what i wanted to do is to validate if the age is not under 18 or over 33

public function validate($arr) {
    return Validation::factory($arr)
        ->rule('username', 'not_empty')
        ->rule('last_name', 'not_empty')
        ->rule('first_name', 'not_empty')
        ->rule('email', 'not_empty')
        ->rule('email', 'email_domain')
        ->rule('phone_num', 'not_empty')
        ->rule('birthdate', 'not_empty')
        ->rule( 'birthdate', array( $this, 'check_birthday' ) );     

public function check_birthday()
    check if age is not under 18 or over 33
   return boolean;

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You can use Kohana_Date constants, something like:

return ($date < (time() - 18 * Date::YEAR)) AND ($date > (time() - 33 * Date::YEAR));


return Valid::range($date, time() - 33 * Date::YEAR, time() - 18 * Date::YEAR);

Turn the date format into timestamp with strtotime if you need.

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well it worked btw how to add an error message on this if its below 18 or over 33? – GianFS Oct 4 '11 at 18:52
@MarkFs messages are defined in the messages folder, using the method name in this case – Kemo Oct 4 '11 at 20:57

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