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I am trying to move from UPS Testing to Production. They required that i pass some tests. One of them is to produce HighValueReport by using insuredvalue greater than $999 .

I don't know the property for this insuredvalue and i didn't find answer in google too .

Thanks Mostafa

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Insured value should be part of the Package element.


Once you submit your high value transation you'll get a control log returned in the element of the . Print two copies of the control log.

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Thanks for your help , but i couldn't find element InsuredValue under PackageServiceOptions the elements i have are :COD - VerbalConfirmation - ShipperReleaseIndicator - Notification -DeclaredValue - DeliveryConfirmation - ReturnsFlexibleAccessIndicator . ------- this is the schema i have downloaded from UPS web site , i tried to temper the request and inject the insuredvalue element but still didn't get controllog response ? – M_1100 Oct 7 '11 at 1:27
try declared value then - are you using web services or the standard xml api? – andyknas Oct 10 '11 at 21:01
i am using web service and declared value works sucessfully , thx. – M_1100 Oct 11 '11 at 0:20

Just dealt with the same UPS production Shipping and Voiding certification tasks. You'll need to create a PackageDeclaredValueType which is a child of PackageServiceOptionsType. Here is my C# code for the SOAP web service for generating the "High Value report" HTML.

Even though UPS documentation says this report will be an "image" I confirmed with UPS Support that it is HTML text at this time and is called "ControlLogReceipt" in the XML response.

//-- XML Path: ShipmentRequest/Shipment/Package/PackageServiceOptions/DeclaredValue
PackageServiceOptionsType packServiceOptions = new PackageServiceOptionsType();
PackageDeclaredValueType decType = new PackageDeclaredValueType();
decType.CurrencyCode = "USD";
decType.MonetaryValue = "1199";

//-- Next four lines  may not be needed
DeclaredValueType decType2 = new DeclaredValueType();
decType2.Code = "01";   //Defaults to 01 - EVS
decType2.Description = "My generic description";
decType.Type = decType2;
//-- End four lines that may not be needed

packServiceOptions.DeclaredValue = decType;
package.PackageServiceOptions = packServiceOptions;


//-- Submit request
ShipmentResponse shipmentResponse = shpSvc.ProcessShipment(shipmentRequest);

//-- High Value Report aka Declared Value Report aka Control Log
byte[] high_value_bytes = Convert.FromBase64String(shipmentResponse.ShipmentResults.ControlLogReceipt[0].GraphicImage);
string high_value_htmltext = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(high_value_bytes);
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