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I am software developer who is inept at UI / Website design. Could someone recommend me an online company that can help me build a usable web interface (CSS / images and layout) and then I will build the rest? I know there a plenty of books that would help but I would rather someone with a great deal of experience in this field to help me.

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Post a project on CrowdSpring. How it works is, you post a project description and set a price which you will offer to the winning bid. Many designers then compete for your project by providing sample designs for you to consider. During the process you can talk to the designers and ask for slight modifications according to your preferences. At the end of the time limit you specify you select a winner. You will receive all raw images i.e. as psds and jpg, png as well as the website in css.

I think this would be your best bet.

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thank you!! that is exactly what I was after – hamo Apr 19 '09 at 12:16
No worries, I'm using it for exactly the same reason. – Ankur Apr 19 '09 at 12:39

You can use these free designs to help you get started working.

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