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Is there a way to find all references of groups of words?

i.e all files that have Word1,word2,word3 (basicaLly Word1 & word2 & word3) using the "find all references" dialog of Visual Studio 2010?

I need to refactor a large codebase.

I don't know how to use regex search.

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If you're wondering, Visual Studio won't warn you when you make a really bad regular expression search that will find everything, it will peg the CPU and eat up memory until you kill the task. Or at least that's what a a friend told me. – Doozer Blake Oct 4 '11 at 19:10


Look for the regexp in your particular language. I do recommend using regexp if you want to massage the results.

You can do it with code, or in the "Find and Replace" (CTLR+F) panel of VS2010 -using regexp!- in the advanced search

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