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I'm using SIP Communicator (Jitsi). It starts felix then deploy its bundle, when I close sipCom, it uninstalls all bundle then close felix framework too. Now I deployed my bundle, but I want after closing sip_communicator, felix should in work and my bundle should not stop. for this below one idea but I don't know how to implement:

Start fresh felix osgi, deploy my bundle, then deploy SIP_Communicator's bundle. for close sipcom, stop SIP_Communicator's bundle.

Problem: I don't know which bundle need to be deployed on felix that can control SIP Communicator.

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You can try to deploy all the given bundle in sip communicator package in another osgi framework like knopflerfish / equinox. And follow the start level as given in build.xml of sip communicator package. this should work.

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