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I'd like avoid access to some action depending of the role I have (IsInRole), how can I do this (code below correect ?) Is it possible to define in a config file the role list who allow access to this action ? In my exemple, define "GROUP1" and "GROUP3" in a config file

public ActionResult MyAction(int id)

    return View(myView);


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The values used in attribute initialization must be known in compile time.

This means that you can't fetch them from configuration.

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+1 - the OP may need to roll their own Authorization attribute to do this, possibly by inspecting the RouteData inside of the OnAuthorization method of the attribute and performing a data source look up at that point. – Russ Cam Oct 4 '11 at 19:23

Using the location and authorization web.config settings is strongly discouraged since it will open up security holes in your MVC application:

You'll probably need a custom attribute that you can use to look up the authorization rules. You can look at an example here:

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