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I'm currently writing a simple cross-platform application (using RealStudio). I need a cross-platform desktop solution for the conversion of HTML (but preferably HTML+CSS) documents to RTF. I have seen several posts including (but not limited to) the following:


Convert HTML to RTF (HTML2RTF converter)

Convert HTML with scripts to RTF

The most comprehensive solution seems to be to make use of OpenOffice in headless mode in order to perform conversions. The only problems are:

  • I can't presume upon the presence of OOo and
  • I can't afford to have the user to install a full OOo package simply to perform this task.

Therefore, my question in this particular regard is: Is there any way to only distribute/install the smaller "conversion" portions of OOo for use in headless mode?

My general question, of course, is: What are the best ways to handle HTML to RTF conversion locally?

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You can try and simply use textedit on your mac

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The solution I need is not the whole of the application. It is a portion of the application for integration. –  humble_coder Oct 24 '11 at 1:06

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