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can someone help me to echo [city] value and [country] value from following array:

    [0] => Array
    [uid] => 123456789
    [name] => First Last Name
    [current_location] => Array
    [city] => New York
    [state] => New York
    [country] => United States
    [zip] => 
    [id] => 123456789
    [name] => New York, New York

    [profile_url] =>



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echo yourArray[0]['current_location']['city'], yourArray[0]['current_location']['country']; – sdleihssirhc Oct 4 '11 at 19:37
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You have a multidimensional array. You want to try this:

echo $arr[0]['current_location']['city'];
echo $arr[0]['current_location']['country'];
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Like this:

echo $somearray[0]['current_location']['city'];
echo $somearray[0]['current_location']['country'];
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As has already been pointed out, you have a multidimensional array - in other words an array inside an array.

This kind of data is usually accessed like this:

foreach ($yourArray as $data) {
    $locationData = $data['current_location'];

    echo "user id " . $data['uid'] . "\n";
    echo " - city " . $locationData['city'] . "\n";
    echo " - country " . $locationData['country'] . "\n";

So if more than one user appears in the data, you can handle each one.

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