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I am using the ace acceptor to listen to a TCP port. my class inherets from My_Svc_Handler and impliments the funcion int open (void *) of the class My_Svc_Handler. In all the examples I saw, inside the open function, they registor the reactor:


I dont understant why do we need to registore? I already have a reactore waiting for an event. This I defined in main:

typedef ACE_Acceptor<My_Svc_Handler,ACE_LSOCK_ACCEPTOR> MyAcceptor;

 int main(int argc, char* argv[]){ 
 ACE_UNIX_Addr addr("/tmp/addr.ace"); 
 MyAcceptor acceptor(address, ACE_Reactor::instance());

while(1) /* Start the reactors event loop */ 

I guess I dont understand when is the open function called.

I have another question on that manner. Is there another way in the main not running the while(1) ?

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The reason you need to register is because the default implementation of the Reactor in ACE on UNIX/Linux is Select_Reactor and as the name implies all this reactor is doing is running a select system call which dispatches events when the data is available on the socket. So unless you tell select to add the socket to the list of sockets in the selects reading or writing descriptor lists Reactor won't do anything when data is present on the socket.

That's what register_handler is for.

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