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With a Visual Studio 2010 Web Test the Url property can be data bound to a list of URLs from a CSV file but it seems the Expected Response URL can't be data bound. The Expected Response URL just takes a string value. Am I missing something?

In this situation how could you test to see the URL of the page requested is actually the URL of the page you end up on and not a redirection to some other page?

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The Expected Response Url can actually be data-bound -- you just have to enter the appropriate context parameter name by hand (don't forget the curly-braces).

The fact that you don't get the helpful drop-down arrow that opens the data-binding panel/list is a UI oversight/bug.

I'll report that on Connect but [dig] don't hold your breath that it'll get fixed [/dig].

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Thanks that worked! – MLF Oct 7 '11 at 13:37

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