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I am developing an MVC 3 project and would like to send invoices out to clients each month by email. How would I send out these multiple emails, and if a loop, how would I code this loop?

Here is my InvoiceMailer code:

    public virtual MailMessage InvoiceMailed()
        var invoices = db.Invoice.FirstOrDefault();
        var client = db.Clients.FirstOrDefault();

        var mailMessage = new MailMessage{Subject = "InvoiceMailed"};

        ViewBag.Name = client.FullName;
        ViewBag.Number = invoices.InvoiceNumberID;
        ViewBag.Amount = invoices.InvoiceAmount;
        ViewBag.Month = invoices.InvoiceMonth;
        PopulateBody(mailMessage, viewName: "InvoiceMailed");

        return mailMessage;


And the view for my email:

Hello @ViewBag.Name
<br /><br />
This is your invoice from DFP Productions for the month of @ViewBag.Month
<br /><br />
@ViewBag.Number<br />
@ViewBag.Amount<br />
@ViewBag.Month<br />

The email is currently sending, but obviously only with one set of information and only sends to two of three recipients (is this due to FirstOrDefault and what should I use instead?).

Thanks, Amy

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Okay cool, so FirstOrDefault is when you only want the first element in a sequence. What would I put if I want all the elements? I'm very new to MVC and C# –  Amy Oct 4 '11 at 22:18

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The basic logic would be

  • Get the set of clients to be billed.
  • instantiate an instance of SmtpClient, connecting to your MTA
  • For each client in the set,
    • compute their invoice data
    • construct an instance of MailMessage as appropriate, using the client and the client's invoice data.
    • Post the message via your SmtpClient instance
  • Dispose of the SmtpClient instance (and any other IDisposables that are no longer needed.)
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