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I am currently programming in Visual Studio 2010 within VB.NET and am using DevExpress v10.2.

I just started programming with the WinForms XtraGrid FindPanel and so far it works wonders. However I was wondering if there is any way to know when the user closes the FindPanel. Right now if gridview.OptionsFind.AllowFindPanel is True and gridview.OptionsFind.AlwaysVisible is False then the user is able to click on the x and close the FindPanel. Is there anyway to catch this closing? I don't want to stop it just do a couple of things once it is hidden or closed.


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Apparently DevExpress Gridcontrol doesn't have a separate event for whether the FindPanel is hidden or shown. Instead I used the GridView's Layout event and inside checked if the FindPanel was visible or not with: gridView.IsFindPanelVisible

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