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It appears as though the following code is getting inside initialize but my event doesn't appear to be firing.

What am I missing here?

var index = (function ($, window, document) {

    var methods = {};

    methods = {
            init: function () {


            getView: Backbone.View.extend({
              el: $('.settings'), 

              events: { 
                 'click .settings': 'addUl'

              initialize: function () {

              render: function () {

              addUl: function () { 
                this.el.append("<ul> <li>hello world </li> </ul>");

    return methods;   } (jQuery, window, document));   

var stuff = new index.getView();

Link to the jsbin

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Remove the space in 'click .settings'

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That worked, but why in the documentation is it written click .blah documentcloud.github.com/backbone/#View-delegateEvents –  Mike Fielden Oct 4 '11 at 21:35
Good question, I'm beginning to suspect that my comment may be a side effect and not a proper solution. When I get some time I'll look into it further unless someone else answers. –  JaredMcAteer Oct 5 '11 at 14:45

Actually remove .settings entirely.

'click .settings' is registering a click handler for a descendant of this.el that matches '.settings'.

In your example you want to register an event on this.el directly so you don't need the descendant selector.

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The problem is that it is your view element ($el) that has the settings class and not a child.

click .settings tells backbone to bind a "click" event on the $el for any children that have .settings. However, because, it is $el which has the class settings the binding never match.

This is why when you remove .settings it works, because you say "any 'click' on $el"

The reason the documentation says click .blah is because it assumes that the html element(s) with the class='blah' are children of the $el element.

Hope this help.

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