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I am having some type issues that I cant seem to get past in bison

I have a grammar rule named program and I am trying to use $$ = new Node("Program");

I have the type defined as %type <Node> program, the Node class is defined in a separate header file which is included in the definition section.

I get an error error: 'union YYSTYPE' has no member named 'Node', How do I go about getting the types right for this?

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When you use a %type definition, the generated parser assumes that the YYSTYPE (the type that holds the parsed intermediate values, such as $$ or $1) is a union with a field with the same name than the type. So it expects that the YYSTYPE union has a field named Node.

First, since it looks like Node is already a class name, you should use a different identifier for your bison type:

%type <node> program

Then, you have two options:

a) Use %union to specify the definition of YYSTYPE:

%union {
    Node *node;
    //other types

b) Define the macro YYSTYPE to the real type of YYSTYPE, usually, but not necessarily an union:

union yystype {
    Node *node;
    //other types
#define YYSTYPE yystype

I personally prefer option a).

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After trying these, I start getting compile time errors stating that Node doesn't have a type –  fotg Oct 5 '11 at 16:17
That's probably because the generated .c file is not including the Node definition. Try %{ #include "node.h" %} or the %code stuff that Joe wrote. –  rodrigo Oct 5 '11 at 19:50

In the bison file make sure you include Node in the %union and use lowercase node to prevent conflicts. Also you should be explicit with the header include code in bison by using %code requires

bison example (I added a namespace for this example)

%code requires
#include "node.h"

%union {
    ns::Node *node; //notice lowercase node for the type

%type <node> program;

 /* If using a high enough version of bison implement a destructor */
%destructor { delete $$; } <node>


program:        /* empty */  { $$ = new ns::Node("Program"); };

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@fotg sorry had this typed up yesterday but never submitted, hope this helps –  Joe Oct 5 '11 at 18:53
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The header has to be included in the lexer before the .tab.h

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