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This question already exists in a way, but the existing question is missing some important links.

I'm trying to move the configuration of beans for my tests into separate files that end in *TestsSpringBeans.groovy

I've attempted to do this after reading "Loading Bean Definitions from the File System" (search for it) in the Groovy documentation.

Here are the relevant code segments:

import grails.util.*

beans = {
  switch(Environment.current) {
    case Environment.TEST:

resources.groovy - Loading the *TestSpringBeans files from the File System.

somePlace(jobdb.Company) {
    name = "SomeCompany"
    addr1 = "addr1"
    addr2 = "addr2"
    city = "city"
    email = "somedude@h0tmail.com"
    fax = "555-555-5555"
    phone = "444-444-4444"
    state = "PA"
    zip = "19608"
    version: 0
    created = new Date()
    updated = new Date()
    website = "http://www.yahoo.com"
    deleted = false

CompanyServiceTestsSpringBeans.groovy - Defining a bean for the Integration Test

// Retrieve configured bean from 
Company someplace = ApplicationHolder.getApplication().getMainContext().getBean('somePlace')

CompanyServiceTests.groovy - Obtain the bean somePlace within the Integration Test...

Upon calling getBean('somePlace') within the test an error is displayed which reads that No bean named 'somePlace' is defined

The CompanyServiceTests.groovy file is stored with my integration tests, should I be storing this file somewhere else in the project directory structure?

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Since your tests run in a way that using the classpath as a reference point is less important, you might try to load the beans { ... } file by referencing via project directory specific path. (e.g. $baseDir/test/resources/MyCustomBeans.groovy) or load the beans explicitly in your tests via @BeforeClass if you are using JUnit4 annotations:

def bb = new BeanBuilder()
def resource = new FileSystemResource('src/test/resources/testContext.groovy')
appCtx = bb.createApplicationContext()
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