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I'm working with a rails 3.1 app. I have a comments controller that uses ajax to update the page. There is a in views/comments that should get rendered when a comment gets created. This works just fine in the dev env, but when i run the app in production rails can't find the view. It is like the asset pipeline isn't including it in production mode.

Code can be found here:

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The problem is that you need to have the coffee-rails gem available to the production environment.

Serving JS up in requests is not supported by rails out of the box so I took another tack.

This author suggests taking full advantage of UJS. This seems to be the trending pattern for updating the page after an xhr. So now my controller always renders html and I use the ajax:complete callback to append the xhr.result_text. Tip: If you haven't seen jQuery's live() method, check it out. It is of great use with this pattern.

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You have to precompile the assets as part of your deployment:

rake assets:precompile

or turn on the pipeline (which has a minor performance hit):

# config/environment/production.rb:
config.serve_static_assets = true
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The app doesn't even run in production without precompile, so I know I've already done that. – joshuacronemeyer Oct 4 '11 at 21:55

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