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So I'm trying to build some tests for a project using redis but I have two methods giving me trouble.

both methods use the @cache_method() decorator and will spit out a failure report akin to AssertionError: [] != [] or AsserionError: [<ObjectName: instance_name>] != [<ObjectName: instance_name>]. The tests are both something along the line of:

self.assertEquals(self.ObjectName.Method(), ObjectName.objects.none())


self.assertEquals(self.ObjectName.Method(), ObjectName.objects.filter(...))

If I use something like self.assertEquals(type(), type()) the test passes so I'm at a complete loss.

my test class looks like this:

class SimpleTest(TestCase):

    def setUp(self):
        self.cache = self.get_cache()

        ... setup a bunch of self.Object instances for the actual tests ...

    def reset_pool(self):
        if hasattr(self, 'cache'):

    def get_cache(self, backend=None):
        if VERSION[0] == 1 and VERSION[1] < 3:
            cache = get_cache(backend or 'redis_cache.cache://')
        elif VERSION[0] == 1 and VERSION[1] >= 3:
            cache = get_cache(backend or 'default')
        return cache

How can I get these tests to pass?

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Does self.ObjectName.Method() return a QuerySet? If not I'd suspect that is your problem. ObjectName.objects.filter(...) will return a QuerySet. If your method returns anything else, then naturally the assert will fail.

More specifically ObjectName.objects.none() will return an django.db.models.query.EmtpyQuerySet and filter() will return either a django.db.models.query.EmptyQuerySet or a django.db.models.query.QuerySet depending on what, if anything, matches the filter.

So it seems somewhere you are trying to compare an ObjectName.method() that is either: a) not returning a QuerySet but something different -or- b) is returning QuerySet when an EmptyQuerySet is expected (such as when none() is called), or vice-versa.

Since we don't know what ObjectName.method() is or what it returns, you'll need to look into that/those method(s) to see what it is returning and possibly why.

I hope that points you in the right direction.

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