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I wrote a piece of javascript, stored on domain A, which is using CORS to enable me to embed it on a page from domain B yet still read data from domain A. I would also like it to fetch images from domain A and manipulate the pixel data using the html canvas. Normally, canvas.getImageData throws a security exception because I am not allowed to read the pixel data. Chrome allows me to do it (and supports the Image.crossOrigin attribute). However, Firefox and various other browsers do not.

Is there a workaround to load and manipulate the pixel data of an image from domain A in a script which is loaded from domain B?

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is just embedding the image and reading the data directly from domain b an option? –  GNi33 Oct 4 '11 at 22:32
No, unfortunately it is not. –  Kasper Peeters Oct 5 '11 at 9:31

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No, you just have to wait for other browsers to ship support for the crossorigin attribute. In the case of Firefox that means waiting about a month. For others, who knows...

Though actually... you could use cross-site XHR (which is somewhat better supported) to fetch the image data, build a data: URI from it, set an image's src to that data: URI, and then draw that image to the canvas. That might work.

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