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I currently have a VS Solution with 2 projects: a WPF application and a Windows Service.

Now, I have managed to get ClickOnce working in installing my WPF application, but I also want a Windows Service to be installed (the one in the project) during this installation.

I have found ways how to programmatically start a windows service with C# code, but is there any way to incorporate this in my ClickOnce installation (because I need ClickOnce's benefit of automatic updates and such)?

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Please check DDay Update library it might give you ClickOnce stuff for updates, but first install you've got to do using another too.

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hmm this looks interesting...ill check it out –  Andreas Grech Apr 20 '09 at 17:59

Can you execute a process during the ClickOnce install? You might be able to write the service using Topshelf and then execute MyService.exe /install from ClickOnce.

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