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This is in regards to JBoss 5.1.0:

I'm used to dropping JARs directly under my EAR and having the classes picked up. When the ClassLoader does a diagnostic dump, it lists all the JARs under the ear and then all the Java packages found in said JARs.

I have this archive jsqlparser-bin.jar that is erroneously not listed as a JAR despite being under the EAR. However, its packages are found, but they are all prepended with the name of the JAR! So instead of listing packages like net.sf.jsqlparser.schema, it lists

I also noticed in the dump other archive-prepended package names such as This lead me to believe if the same package was included in more than one JAR, then JBoss did some creative renaming, hence the prepend. However, if I completely removed jsqlparser-bin.jar from the EAR, then no version of the packages were ever dumped. So now I'm clueless. I also scanned the other archives in the EAR for jsqlparser but came up empty. jsqlparser-bin.jar itself is kosher, since I am able to compile with it (and not compile without it).

So what gives? How do I make the classes in that JAR visible? Why does it not have its own DelegatingHandler in the classloader hierarchy?

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Looks like I needed to add a <module> block in my META-INF/application.xml to resolve it correctly.

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