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I am looking to setup a one off application on my Developer iPad that prevents the usage of the home button (and preferably the lock button too). I would like to password protect leaving the application essentially. Best way to do that would be what?

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Without rooting your iPad I'm not aware that it's possible.

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see my answer here Lock-down iPhone/iPod/iPad so it can only run one app

The lock button would still be active however so the device would be able to be rebooted. You would need a case that protected the lock button, that is the method Apple use in their stores.

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A way to do it manually:

  • Make the following selection Settings->General->Accessiblity->Guided access and enable it and set the password

  • Open the app to be locked

  • Triple click the home button continuously that's it its the app gets locked

  • To unlock triple click the home button continuously give the password While it asks that's it app is unlocked


This solution works from iOS 6 only.

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