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I am about to set up a project, and am wondering what the best way to do it is. I notice some open source files have an "apps" directory, which stores all third-party apps, etc.

I was looking at the following two projects



My project will consist of code that will run multiple different (and connected) web applications.

I also found this:



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I don't think there is an exact 'best way' which is suitable for every project. But there are some general rules that may help you setup your project. I won't send any link about this but there are several documents and webpages, so keep Googling. It's the best way to learn some extra tricks while digging pages for a purpose.

Also, try to understand projects that is similar to the one you want to develop. You say you've been already doing it, I think it is going to be the most helpful thing you do for your project.

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