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i have a value


i need it to pass from URL

in HTML } = }  
in URL } = %7D

how to convert } to %7D?

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encodeURIComponent combined with Jquery decode HTML entities.

jQuery's .html() function is basically a thin function wrapper around the widely-supported (vanilla DOM) innerHTML property, so the linked question is still applicable if you're not using jQuery.

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The function was named encodeURIComponent, and fortunately it's a built-in funciton. You can use it for free:

alert( encodeURIComponent("}") ) //-- alert box will show "%7D"
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Sure - but that doesn't address the problem of the HTML entity. You need to deal with 'encodeURIComponent("&#125")' first – donohoe Aug 2 '13 at 14:45

It sounds like you want to:

  1. Decode the URI component
  2. Encode the ASCII component to an HTML entity

So, first of all, I'd recommend an Entity dictionary like this excellent one:

This should help you out from there:

function browerURLtoEntity( code ) {
    var crypt = {};
        crypt.URI = code;
        crypt.ascii = decodeURLComponent(crypt.URI);
        crypt.entity = Encoder.htmlEncode(crypt.ascii);
    return crypt;
// crypt.entity will be the piece that you want.
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