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I have a ruby file that requires a file which has require 'xsd/qname' and all my files work fine, but when I go to test them with test unit I keep getting these errors

 LoadError: no such file to load -- xsd/qname

I've been scouring google for a while and fail to see a solution. (I'm new to test unit so it might be incredibly simple).


I believe my problem is related to the fact that the code is in a gem and not the rails environment, therefore the code using it loads rails while these tests do not.

The odd part is if I go in the gem with irb, I can require 'xsd/qname', but I can't require 'soap/rpc/driver' which is another error I was getting

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It's probably path related. It's difficult to advise a best solution without seeing how your project is laid out, but try replacing the require statement with:

require File.dirname(Rails.root + '/xsd/qname')

You may need to adjust that depending on where that file exists within your project.

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I can't touch the file that is requiring qname, but I updated the question. –  calebB Oct 5 '11 at 15:26
Nevermind, found a fix. Thanks for your help though. –  calebB Oct 5 '11 at 15:34
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I think the problem was using files built in ruby 1.8 with 1.9. Using soap4r solved my problem. https://github.com/spox/soap4r-spox

Fyi if you just want to just rescue the error do this:

  require 'xsd/qname'
rescue LoadError
  puts "xsd/qname not found...."
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