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I want to add an item into the Desktop context menu (the menu you see when you right-click on an empty space on the Windows Desktop).

Something like Catalyst Control Center in this screenshot:
Embedded Example

I know how to add items to files' and folders' context menus through registry, but the Desktop seems to work differently: I didn't even find the text in the registry.

So, how can I add a new item into the Desktop menu and how can I associate some code with it?
I think the solution is language independent, if it's not, I'd appreciate any code that helps.

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Such a handler must be registered in HKCR\Directory\Background, instead of usual locations like HKCR\Directory, HKCR\Folder, etc.

Check out Creating Shell Extension Handlers in MSDN.

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There's a series of articles on CodeProject that details writing Shell Extensions and is very good:


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