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I am starting to use mod_rewrite and would like to know if the below is possible...

RewriteRule ^test/([^/]*)/$ /test.php?x=$1 [NC,L]

That works as expected however, once the HTML generates I use relative paths to images/stylesheets etc such as <img src="include/image.jpg" /> which now no longer shows.

How can I get around this?

Many Thanks

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One way to do it is to add a rule to skip requests that end in standard image file suffixes:

RewriteRule \.(gif|jpe?g|png|ico)$ - [NC,S=1]
RewriteRule ^test/([^/]*)/$ /test.php?x=$1 [NC,L]
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I don't think this will help the OP: their problem is that the browser is trying to request /test/include/image.jpg, when the actual URL path of the image is /include/image.jpg. – Ilmari Karonen Oct 20 '11 at 18:20
Oh, I read it that the images are in /test/include/ and those requests are incorrectly being rewritten to /test.php?x=include/image.jpg I see how it could be read the other way as well. :) – whoisgregg Oct 20 '11 at 18:26

There are several possibilities:

  • Don't use relative paths.
  • Add a <base> tag to your HTML.
  • Rewrite the image URLs too:
RewriteRule ^test/include/(.*)$ /include/$1 [NC,L]
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