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In Ant-contrib, we can do something like:

<for list="a,b,c,d" param="instence">

But if I don't have a list, I only have a limit, e.g. limit=4.

Is there a way to do for loop based on limit, like:

<for limit="4" param="index">
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The Ant addon Flaka provides some solutions for your problem.

1) Use a while loop

the test attribute evaluates some EL expression,
which maybe a simple counter, f.e.

<project name="demo" xmlns:fl="antlib:it.haefelinger.flaka">

 <!-- some counter -->
  countdown = 3

 <fl:while test=" countdown >= 0 ">
   #{countdown > 0 ? countdown : 'bang!' }..
   countdown = countdown - 1



  [fl:echo] 3..
  [fl:echo] 2..
  [fl:echo] 1..
  [fl:echo] bang!..

or some other expression, f.e. checking for existence of a file, means looping until some file exists :

 <fl:while test=" !'/home/rosebud/stop'.tofile.isfile ">
   still working..

2) Use a for loop with break or continue :

<project name="demo" xmlns:fl="antlib:it.haefelinger.flaka">

 <fl:for var="i" in=" list(1,2,3,4,5,6) ">
    <fl:echo>i = #{i}</fl:echo>
    <fl:break test=" i == 3 " />

  <fl:for var="i" in=" list(1,2,3,4,5,6) ">
    <fl:continue test=" i > 3 " />
    <fl:echo>i = #{i}</fl:echo>


which gives the same result :

  [fl:echo] i = 1
  [fl:echo] i = 2
  [fl:echo] i = 3

See more details in the Flaka manual

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Thanks. I am using Flaka. Can you take a look at this… – performanceuser Oct 6 '11 at 19:29
Currently writing an answer to that question.Please keep patient for some mins :-) – Rebse Oct 6 '11 at 19:43

Its not exactly what you want, but this page has an example. Essentially, you pass in the limit as a list of numbers. Its not elegant, but it works.

Here's another idea - see the answer by user "cn1h". Its a cool way to get around limitations in ANT - embed a script from another language which can do what you want. Nice!

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+1 No standard way to do what the OP is asking for. I can't think of any different solution to this problem. – FailedDev Oct 5 '11 at 7:07
<project name="Attachments" default="print">
    <property name="numAttachments" value="20" />
    <target name="generate">
        <script language="javascript"><![CDATA[
            var list = '1';
            var limit = project.getProperty( "numAttachments" );
            for (var i=2;i<limit;i++)
                list = list + ',' + i;
            project.setNewProperty("list", list);            
    <target name="print" depends="generate">
        <for list="${list}" param="letter">
                <echo>Letter @{letter}</echo>
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