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I was trying to implementing facebook real time update. It looks like i was able to subscribe.

  `$param = array(
            'access_token' => $user_access_token,
            'object' => 'user',
            'fields' => 'name',
            'callback_url' =>'',
            'verify_token' => 'XYZ',
            'active' => true
  $subs = $facebook->api('/'.$app_id.'/subscriptions', 'POST', $param);


I get this error:

{"message":"http:\/\/\/storm\/callback.php?hub.mode=subscribe&hub.challenge=1229793076&hub.verify_token=XYZ is an internal url, but this is an external request.","type":"CurlUrlInvalidException"}}

Does this have anything to do with me testing it locally?? How can i fix this? Please let me know.

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You need to use your real ip address in 'callback_url'

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