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public void open()
    int returnVal = jfilechooser.showOpenDialog(jf); //jf is JFrame's reference
    if(returnVal == JFileChooser.APPROVE_OPTION)
        //to erase any text in the text area before adding new text
            String fileName = jfilechooser.getSelectedFile().getPath();
            String show=jfilechooser.getSelectedFile().getName();
            Reader in = new FileReader(jfilechooser.getSelectedFile());
            char[] buff = new char[100000];
            int nch;
            while((nch =, 0, buff.length)) != -1)
            jtextarea.append(new String(buff, 0, nch));
            String fileContent = jtextarea.getText();
            jf.setTitle(show+" : S-Textpad");
        catch(FileNotFoundException x)
        catch(IOException ioe)
            System.err.println("I/O Error on Open");
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Please explain what you think it does & where you are confused. In the latter case, support your query with any relevant quotes from the JavaDocs. It would also be advisable to ask a specific question, given this is a Q&A site. – Andrew Thompson Oct 5 '11 at 2:46
As an aside, some good reasons not to study that code too closely, or at least not to emulate it. 1) Ignoring exceptions. 2) I/O with no finally. 3) Odd and inconsistent attribute nomenclature. 4) Choosing a String representation of a File then using the String for a reader. 5) Unbracketed loop with the loop statement unindented. 6) Declaring the otherwise unused fileContent attribute. 7) Perhaps more I missed.. – Andrew Thompson Oct 5 '11 at 2:56
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It looks like it:

  • opens a File Chooser dialog so the user can select a file
  • if the user did not click Cancel, if then reads the file contents
  • then it appends that content to a text area
  • and finally sets the frame title to the selected filename plus a static string

However I don't know if the code compiles and there is at least a useless line:

String fileContent = jtextarea.getText();
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