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self.data = sorted(self.data, key=attrgetter('word'))

self.data is a list of Word objects. Word objects have 'word', 'definition', 'example' and 'difficulty' attributes. I want to sort by the 'word' strings of each Word object, and the code above does that except it's not case insensitive. How would I go about making the sorting case insensitive?

I've tried the solutions from another question asked here, but when I tried it, it said "TypeError: 'Word' object is not subscriptable". What could I do to make it work?


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You can write your own key function:

self.data = sorted(self.data, key = lambda w: w.word.lower())
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Thank you! That worked perfectly –  Jigglypuff Oct 5 '11 at 3:32

Try something like:

self.data = sorted(self.data, key=lambda w: attrgetter('word')(w).lower())

Though, with that you would probably be much better off simply using:

self.data = sorted(self.data, key=lambda w: w.word.lower()
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