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I am trying to find a tool which can efficiently help me to map and identify relationships and data flow between applications.

I am not very familiar with UCMDB, but does it help for capturing application relationships?

Any advice would be very helpful.

Thank you

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uCMDB/DDMa is exactly that, an automated IT infrastructure inventory and mapping solution which helps you identify components like servers and applications as well as draw relationships between them based on port connections and IP traffic. It utilizes various standard protocols to identify these components, like Telnet/SSH and SNMP, uses WMI, performs SQL on databases, reads configuration files et cetera. Discovery is performed by a probe server, which sends results to a server for processing and reconciliation, resulting in relationships between components. The end result can then be called up in views or models, showing the components in relation to eachother. One can also integrate external datasources with uCMDB and integrate uCMDB with other tooling like BSM and SM.

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hi Thank you for the details. Are you aware of any other tools which would help me achieve similar results? –  JJunior Oct 5 '11 at 15:18
Hi, yes of course. There's ServiceNow, a cloud based ITSM solution. –  Rutger Oct 9 '11 at 10:39

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