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I want to display Mathematical equations in WPF. I'd like to display this using native WPF objects (i.e., NOT from previously rendered equation images). For example, variable X would be the glyph X, and so on.

What are my design options here? Is anyone aware of any library that does this? Or is DYI'ing the only way out?

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I've found this library: Displaying math equations in WPF.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks, this should give me a good head-start! –  ARV Apr 20 '09 at 13:36
The link is no longer valid. –  too Jul 22 at 13:38

I think the solution from windowsclient is not helpfull. It has a lot of workarounds for common problems in this field.

A much better approach is: http://blog.noldorin.com/2010/04/rendering-tex-math-in-wpf/

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