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In short I have code like this. I know its bad style but have given it a lot of thought and alternatives are worse. What should I say in a comment and where should I put it?

    if(x+y == z)//some comparison
        …//do something
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Then it should say, "it is bad style but necessary". –  Mysticial Oct 5 '11 at 5:04
The code you posted could be written as while (x + y == z) { /* do something */ }. I presume your real code isn't quite so simple. –  Keith Thompson Oct 5 '11 at 5:09

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Assuming that there is more code involved, so the obvious

while(x+y == z)

is not possible, you could use an additional variable to flag the loop status.

do_loop = 1;
while (do_loop)
    // more code
    do_loop = (x+y == z);
    if (do_loop)

It offers more possibilities, esp. if deeper nesting is involved, since break; will only leave the innermost loop. Of course you should use a more exact naming for the condition instead of a generic do_loop, e.g. coords_are_equal.

If all alternatives are worse, including this, then just comment it as it is: "All alternatives are found to be worse than this."

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You might consider rewriting this as

while (x+y == z) {
   // Do something...
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