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This is crazy, have been stuck on this MATLAB code for ages. What I've got is the following:

for i = 1 : 0.1 : 5

    index = find(someArray == i)
    %do stuff


Now the first time the loop runs, when i = 1, index returns a correct value (e.g. 45). Now, the second time the loop runs, index gets set to an empty set of brackets - '[]' ...! (The same happens for the rest of the iterations).

This is crazy because starting the loop at 1.1 sets index to a logical numerical value. In fact, every iteration should set a logical value for index using find. So it's like 'find' doesn't like being used inside loops or something....

Any ideas or help is much appreciated!

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Are you sure that someArray contains the value 1.1? This could simply be a problem with floating point precision. There's lots of information about this sort of thing on the web, including:





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Thanks. I think you saved my sanity. So for example, (0.3 == 0.1*3) evaluates to false... wow, not exactly intuitive. –  Jordan Oct 5 '11 at 9:18
Welcome to the wonderful world of digital arithmetic. It ain't the same as you learned in grade school!!! Good luck. –  John Oct 5 '11 at 16:41

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