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I have developed a small .NET application and for the BETA I want to add some tracking code so I can monitor the number of times it was installed, how many times it is run and which features are more popular on different operating systems so I can do some A/B testing.

It would be nice to also know the geo location of my users in case usage patterns vary by region. Are there any plug & play solutions for .NET rather than having to develop a custom solution myself?

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I don't think users will be happy giving you all these information. Host it in Codeplex (gives u number of downloads) it has a defect tracker, discussion board as well for feedback. –  Shoban Oct 5 '11 at 5:56
Have a look at trackerbird.com. With regards to privacy comments, as long as the info is anonymous and you inform your users in the EULA it should not be a big deal. (Disclaimer: I am affiliated with Trackerbird) –  Dive50 Jul 8 '13 at 20:15

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Gibralta by Gibraltar Software LINK offers what you´re looking for.

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Check out SoftwareStats' runtime intelligence solution - offers info on location and all other aspects of usage as well as feature tracking.

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