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I'm developing project on rails 2.3.8 and I need to get alert box on middle of a method in one of my controller. Is it possible to do so on rails ? Please can expert share your idea about this ?

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In the middle of a controller method? Might be worth rethinking this strategy. Usually you want your controller methods to return something... then let something view-related decide how to handle that. –  mylescarrick Oct 5 '11 at 6:33
I just need to check whether my code giving the expected values on different places on my method. That's why I try to get alert. –  SL_User Oct 5 '11 at 6:37

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Use rubymine, it will allow you to debug your rails process, and you can place breakpoints and then step through your method.

You can resort to the more manual options of debugging.

Aside from debugging with rubymine, sometimes the fastest way is just writing stuff in the logfile.

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Do you need to debug you program there are many ways to debug

  1. Use puts statement in your method puts @user

  2. If you are using some IDE then there must be some plugin for it.Ex. for Netbeans there is ruby-debug-ide gem

  3. You can use PRY gem to debug your code. I would suggest this one pry

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