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i tried to change the background color of the toggle button using XML file as white color but the toggle button is totally damaged it look like all the button was covered with white. There is no indication of ON or OFF on the toggle button when i have changed the color of the toggle button to white. Can any one please tell me, Is there is any other way to change the background which will not damage the indication of the toggle button .

<ToggleButton android:id="@+id/togglebutton"
android:layout_above ="@+id/save"
android:textOff="NIGHT" />

this is how my XML code look for the toggle button

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Show us what you tried. Generally you need to use a color state list or a state list drawable to do what you're describing. – Ted Hopp Oct 5 '11 at 6:37
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Yes there is a way to change the background as you wish but you have to use a selector like this as background:

    android:drawable="@drawable/some_image" />
    android:drawable="@drawable/some_other_image" />
    android:drawable="@drawable/some_image1" />
    android:drawable="@drawable/other_image" />

For @Drawable/etc (you can use a color or make a gradient. Check this for more info about gradients

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thank you for the code and tutorial – padmi Oct 5 '11 at 6:55

When you decompile your SystemUI.apk, you should go to the following file: SystemUI/res/values/colors.xml

Then change the following line:

#ff000000 #ffffffff #80000000 #ffadc1d6 #ffffffff #ffe6e6e6

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There must be an easier way to do this? – Mathieu Pagé Jul 8 '14 at 3:49
Do not do this. – ZirconCode Jan 19 '15 at 12:08

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