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i am having a webpage in MVC in which some controls(say control 1) are visible on basis of some controls(say control 2)seletion criteria.

if control 1 is mandatory to fill if visible on page its value to save and if it not visible no valdation are required for that control.

this i am doing via hidden filed by assigning some value in hidden filed at time of not visible and check and save my page.

but prob is that my page can be save from other page.where i am not having value of hidden field because my page is not posting.

so my problem is that when my page is posted from other steps i want that at my page particular control is visible or not so i

can skip validation for that control.

validations are server side.


Nishant Kumar

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If you were on MVC 3, that would be not so trivial but easy to implement. I am sure it is possible with MVC 2. A Wild guess is that there should be an array for valaidation code inside your html. You can tweak that. –  tugberk Oct 5 '11 at 7:04
i am having data table for validations. –  Nishant Kumar Oct 5 '11 at 8:58

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