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I have two tables set up. The first table contains a listing of apartments, and the second table contains a listing of photos, each photo containing a reference to an apartment listing id.

What I'd like to do is pull down all apartments listings and combine the first two photos associated with each listing into a single row.

To keep things simple, lets say the rows in the apartment table are:


And the rows in the photos table are:


The result I'd like when performing a SELECT * FROM apartments is:

post_id, <br>title,<br> description,<br> path1,<br> path2

Where path1 and path2 are the first and second photos in the photos table who's post_id reference the post_id of the current row being retrieved.

I've tried all sorts of joins but can't quite seem to find one that fits what I'm trying to do. Anyone know how I could get this done?


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You can make 2 subqueries on the photo table that pick the first photo and the first photo different from the just selected first photo.

Somthing like this:

(SELECT path FROM photo p1 WHERE p1.post_id = a.post_id LIMIT 0, 1) AS path1,
(SELECT path FROM photo p2 WHERE p2.post_id = a.post_id AND p2.path != a.path1 LIMIT 0, 1) AS path2
FROM apartment a

I have no mysql here to test it, so the query might need some tuning, but it gives the general idea.

Edit: Same idea, alternative approach (using limit to take the second record):

(SELECT path FROM photo p1 WHERE p1.post_id = a.post_id ORDER BY p1.path LIMIT 0, 1) AS path1,
(SELECT path FROM photo p2 WHERE p2.post_id = a.post_id ORDER BY p2.path LIMIT 1, 1) AS path2
FROM apartment a
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It would be LIMIT 0,1 and LIMIT 1,1 –  ypercube Oct 5 '11 at 7:19
@ypercube that's true, MySQL still doesn't cease to confuse me at times. :) updated my answer. –  Bazzz Oct 5 '11 at 7:21
And 1st solution may not even work. You can't reference to another column (path1) in the SELECT list, I think. –  ypercube Oct 5 '11 at 7:24
worked like a charm, thanks! I also didn't know you could do something like: SELECT a.* ... this one's going to be very useful in the future :) –  user979794 Oct 5 '11 at 7:48
@ypercube yeah I was thinking the same thing and therefore wrote the second query which is also easier to understand. I left the first query for reference. updated my answer. –  Bazzz Oct 6 '11 at 13:16
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Try this one -

SELECT a.*, MIN(IF(t.num = 1, t.path, NULL)) path1, MIN(IF(t.num = 2, t.path, NULL)) path2 FROM apartments a
    SELECT p1.*, COUNT(*) num FROM posts p1
      LEFT JOIN posts p2
        ON p2.post_id = p1.post_id
      AND p2.photo_id <= p1.photo_id
        BY p1.post_id
        , p1.photo_id
      HAVING COUNT(*) < 3) t
  ON a.post_id = t.post_id
  GROUP BY a.post_id, a.title, a.description;

The subqueryis based on rank position of photo_id, the main query checks num field to select one of them - first or second photo.

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This one worked, but it returned only results that had at least two photos. I tried one of other solutions listed and things are looking pretty good. Thanks for your help! –  user979794 Oct 5 '11 at 7:53
Change JOIN with LEFT JOIN. I modified the answer. –  Devart Oct 5 '11 at 8:07
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