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I am struggling to differentiate the response MIME type in sencha touch. My login service is designed in such a way that if the login success then it will give me a JSON object. If it failed to authenticate, then it will return a plan error text. How can i find the difference? My request looks like this.

              url : 'http://xxxx.com/Sencha/LoginServlet?userid='+ agentid + "&password=" + password,                     
              success : function(response, opt) {
                  alert("response text" + response.responseText);
                  var obj = Ext.decode(response.responseText);

            failure : function(response, opt) {
                Ext.Msg.alert('Failed', response.responseText);

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Ext JS internally uses the XMLHttpRequest Object, so the reponse is w3 consortium compliant. Hence you can retrieve the response object properties like in normal javascript. Example :


For details on how to retrieve other details from the response object see here.

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