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Is there any way out to open Task Manager when Pc is Locked Windows 7, as an we can do this in Window xp i guess.

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Ctrl + Shift + Escape is the keyboard short-cut to get to the task manager within Windows XP and 7.

However, I don't believe it is accessible when the computer is locked, and neither should it be!

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You need to be logged on to access the task manager. When the screen is locked you are to all intents and purposes not logged on.

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You can't invoke the task manager in a locked Windows.

But if you must be able to peek at what's going on inside, you can pre-configure this PC for kernel debugging (via a serial port or firewire) and connect to it with WinDbg from a separate debug PC. In the kernel debugger you can inspect all the existing processes and threads and allocated memory in the OS.

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