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I have exactly the same problem as Marco here: c# Facebook SDK, get token to write to my Page Wall , got to the same point as Marco (obtaining token manually and storing in web.config.

Problem I have is that this token is set to expire, so it cannot be really used as config value in my web application.

Is there a way in Facebook c# SDK to obtain this type of token?

Please note that as a page admin, I've already granted my FCBK app manage_pages permission (which does not seem to expire) so there should not be any human interaction necessary when obtaining this type of token.

Thanks, Antonin


seems like running this request:<APP_ID>&redirect_uri=<URI>&scope=manage_pages,publish_stream,offline_access&response_type=token might be what I'm looking for, non-expiring access token. Pay special attention to values for scope parameter, especially offline_access.

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yes you're right! offline_access gives you possibility to generate non-expiring access token – slowik Dec 17 '11 at 14:19

I thought I had read somewhere that the page access tokens were temporary even when asking for offline_access. But that's really not an issue because you can use the user's permanent token to call me/accounts to get the list of apps and grab a token from there.

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The only note to this: it will not be me in most cases since using it assumes user is active... – Juicy Scripter Jan 6 '12 at 6:28

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