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Continuing with the project I previously described I am currently building an animation showing movement between a list of cities. My current code renders a list of cities and makes a set of great circle arcs connecting the cities. The list of cities are part of a timeline so after visiting one city the animation will transition to be centered upon the next.

To my mind this means the ViewVector should be adjusted to show points between a starting city and an ending city. The resulting would probably look like an in-flight map for a long-haul flight sped up considerably. A single frame might look like the following manually produced still:

enter image description here

I now understand how to position the ViewVector above the most recent city but I am quite unsure about how to move the camera smoothly between two spherical coordinate points. My current code is below:

SC[{lat_, lon_}] := {Cos[lon \[Degree]] Cos[lat \[Degree]], 
   Sin[lon  \[Degree]] Cos[lat  \[Degree]], Sin[lat \[Degree]]};

GreatCircleArc[{lat1_, lon1_}, {lat2_, lon2_}] :=

 Module[{u = SC[{lat1, lon1}], v = SC[{lat2, lon2}], a}, 
  a = VectorAngle[u, v]; 
  Table[Evaluate[RotationTransform[\[Theta], {u, v}][u]], {\[Theta], 
0, a, a/Ceiling[10 a]}]]

CityGraphic[name_] := {Opacity[0.85], Black, PointSize[Medium], White,
   PointSize[0.045], Point[1.01 SC[CityData[name, "Coordinates"]]]}

CityGraph[places_, age_] := 
Sphere[{0, 0, 0}, 0.99 ],
    CountryData[#, "SchematicCoordinates"], {-2}]] &,
Map[CityGraphic, places],
Text[Style[age, FontFamily -> "Helvetica"], 
 1.02 SC[CityData[First[places], "Coordinates"]]],
White, Line
  Partition[Map[CityData[#, "Coordinates"] &, places], 2, 1], {1}]]
   ViewVector -> { 
 4 SC[CityData[First[places], "Coordinates"]], {0, 0, 0}},
   Boxed -> False,
   SphericalRegion -> True,
   ImageSize -> {640, 480}
CityGraph[{"Tokyo", "Dublin", "Cape Town", "Seattle", "Denver"}, "04"]
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In computer graphics people often use Quaternions to smoothly interpolate between various camera viewing directions. Mathematica has a Quaternion package which you could use for basic Quaternion arithmetic. A conversion between Quaternions and Euler angles is described here.

The interpolation process is described here.

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+1. Interesting, never thought of that. For a point on a sphere, this must be related to the homomorphism from SU(2) to SO(3). –  Leonid Shifrin Oct 5 '11 at 12:20

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