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Followed the guidance here to publish my windows service successfully in tfs2010. But have a few more questions:

How could I modify this to install the service from the drop location instead of OutDir? How could I make this install happen only after a successful build AND test is run?

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Found it much cleaner to use the new Team Build Workflow insead of MSBuild. Added a sequence of "InvokeProcess"es to stop, delete, reinstall and start the windows service on each build. – kenander Oct 21 '11 at 10:15

For starters, read Fail a build if tests fail to fail your build when your test fails. Then add a condition in your deploy action to make sure it is only activated when your build succeeds:

<Target Name="PublishWinService" 
    Condition="'$(DeployWinService)' == 'true'"
    Condition="'$(CompilationStatus)' == 'Succeeded'"> 

To install from your drop location instead of your build location, replace $(OutDir) by $(DropLocation) in the original post you are following.

That's all folks!

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