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as in subject

Element.attributes array contents will blow your mind in internet explorer 6-7-8

actually this getter returns the entire properties list of the javascript Object

there's a way to emulate the standard way in older IE browsers?

feel free to correct my english. thank you in advance.

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Are you trying to list all the attributes of a DOM Element in IE ? –  vantrung -cuncon Oct 5 '11 at 9:48
yes, I'm trying to do list attributes of a dom element in IE –  user652649 Oct 5 '11 at 10:38

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Since the browser turns o IE, I have some notices on the code below :

  • Code will only list the attribute which has a certain value (not null). Unless, IE will list all about more than 100 attributes for a single element. I think that's unnecessary.
  • You'll get some more extra attributes like "tabindex","readOnly"... although your element code is just simple like : "<input type=text>". This is cause IE way to do it.

Well, the code will be something like this :

    var A = $('.targetElement').get(0).attributes
        var i=0;
            if (A.item(i).value != '' && A.item(i).value != 'null'){
                $('body').append( A.item(i).name+ ' = '+ A.item(i).value + '<br>' )
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sorry, I don't understand jquery, can you write this in a standard way? BTW I'm trying to list only attributes that are actually attached in the tag declaration... parsing the innerHTML would be better? –  user652649 Oct 5 '11 at 11:21
Sorry, but indeed I'm not familiar with writing JS code without jQuery. For your idea, I've got a plan : 1-getElement_HTMLCode >> 2-Analyze the code >> 3-Strip out the attribute. The hardest part, I think, is step 1. –  vantrung -cuncon Oct 5 '11 at 11:29
To get the element's own HTMLCode - without jQuery- I think the line should be : get element --> clone it --> append it to a blank div --> get the div's innerHTML --> get the element tag out. –  vantrung -cuncon Oct 5 '11 at 11:34
yes parse a cloneNode(false) would be sufficiently fast because clean of any contents –  user652649 Oct 5 '11 at 11:42

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