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I went trough, jquery .live() event interactions and What event does JQuery $function() fire on? i dint get write answer, so thought to go new,

  1. I have list of different pages as follows
    • Index(terms and conditions)
    • Login
    • Splash
    • Dashboard
  2. I have validations in index page and login page.
  3. I have used one more jQuery file called, validation.js which is linked to all pages. I have placed all the validations inside

    $(document).ready(function() {


  4. I have validations in index page and login page.

  5. When site navigation, validations are not fire, but if I place validations



then it works.

Just want tto verify.

  • Is this correct, if not please suggest me.
  • document.ready as in jQuery, what is the best in jQuery Mobile
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Assume best solution is,


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