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I use Win XP. I have no admin rights on this computer, so I'm not allowed to access the System variables. I can run a batch file, but it annoys me that both cmd and Console 2 are then running. I would like Console 2 to be run exclusively.

Here's what's in my batch file:

set JAVA_HOME=D:\apps\jdk1.6.17
"D:\Program Files\Console2\Console.exe" 
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You need some external shell process to run into Console 2, let it be cmd.exe or something like bash. That said, if you are doing things right you will have just one terminal window running: in this case, Console2.

Please clarify what you really need to do in your batch file (I suppose running some Java program, since you set JAVA_HOME): you should run the batch from inside Console, not the opposite.

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