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I made a simple Windows application to test how I can publish my application. So what I want to know is how can I publish my application so that it creates an installer so that other users around the world can download, install and use my application?


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You could use the "setup" project available in visual studio, that creates a MSI file.

Also you may use the publish concept called "click-once-deployment". Please go through this article that explains the methodology:

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The link is dead. – ricksmt Oct 22 '15 at 19:00

Create homepage to describe your application information, update somewhere for others to download. Well, you can give a try by creating a site on CodePlex, SourceForge...

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You could try ClickOnce.

ClickOnce deployment allows you to publish Windows-based applications to a Web server or network file share for simplified installation.

You just need to define which prerequisites you want to include in bootstraper, as described here

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