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We have a series of geotif files covering a specific area of land. If all tiffs are viewed at once they cover a large area and there are no gaps between them. If I register each file as layer in geoserver and then create a layer group then the map produced looks great an all works OK. However, the problem I have is that I have now been supplied with 500 tiff files which are to be registered and rendered in the same way. Is there any way to register a set of tiffs rather than having to go through and register each one?

Thanks in advance


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You can try, gdalbuildvrt myvrt.vrt dir/*.tif. Note that for .vrt, assuming all your tiff have similar characteristics : number of bands, projection, color interpretation, resolution. – helmi03 Sep 7 '12 at 2:10

You can use the ImageMosaic store to create a layer based on multiple tifs. Just enter the directory containing your collection of source tifs in the url parameter and geoserver will create a layer based on all tifs for you.

See the geoserver documentation for more information.

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